Compensation Team Lead
Title:Compensation Team Lead

Task Title: Global Compensation, Pay Processing, American Pay processing Division, (CGFS/GC/PPR/AMP)


Vacant Position: Compensation Team Lead for American Pay Processing (Pay Floor)


DoS Manager: Jeff Mounts, Managing Director, Global Compensation, (CGFS/GC)

Salary Requirements:   Please submit salary requirements 


Task Purpose:

The Bureau of the Comptroller and Global Financial Services (CGFS), Global Compensation provides compensation services to U.S. Foreign Service employees, Department of State Civil Service employees and Locally Employed (LE) staff. We provide both American and LE Staff payroll services for U.S. Agencies Overseas and Annuity services for Foreign Service Retirees. We are located in Charleston, South Carolina and Bangkok, Thailand where we manage one of the most complex compensation environments in the world, providing compensation services in 180 countries and 140 currencies. Our services include time and attendance, payroll, annuity payments, customer support, withholding, benefits, record keeping and reporting for our employees working domestically and overseas at our Embassies and Missions. Our primary goal is to provide world-class compensation services to our customers.


Global Compensation requires a contractor to provide Leadership support to the Office of Global Compensation, Pay Processing, American Pay processing Division. American Pay Processing (AMP): Provides compensation services to U.S. Foreign Service, Department of State Civil Service and Foreign Service Retirees. We also provide American payroll services for U.S. Agencies Overseas. AMP manages a diverse Foreign affairs payroll environment, providing our services to our Civil and Senior Executive Service employees domestically, U.S. Foreign Service employees in the U.S., and overseas, and Annuity services to Foreign Service Retirees. Our services include time and attendance, payroll, annuity payments, customer support, withholding, benefits, record keeping and reporting for our employees and Annuitants. The position provides support to the Director of American Pay Processing, Barbara Dauphin.


Minimum/General Requirements:

§ A four year degree from an accredited college or university in the area of financial management, business administration or a combination of courses and related experience is required and at least two years of relevant work experience is required

§ Experience with payroll, accounting or financial analysis required

§ High levels of confidentiality, ethics and integrity is required

§ Key Skills for our leaders: Ability to coach/mentor, demonstrate high levels of confidentiality, trustworthy, flexible, detail-orientated, organized, open communicator, motivates/develops others, customer focused, analytical (creative), positive attitude, agent for change, integrity and ethical management, resilient, relationship builder, team driven and excellent computer, research, reporting and conflict management skills

§ Must have some experience leading/managing teams


Functional Responsibility:


The primary responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:


Team Lead Responsibilities:

§ A percentage of time is allocated to assist the APM in managing/supporting the contractor personnel in a division (The percentage of time will vary based on situations/scenarios that may arise within a department)

§ Acts a liaison between the contractor employees and the client (DoS Manager)

  • Assists APM with performance success coaching, mentoring and development of contractor employees
  • Assists APM with new employee/hire orientations and scheduling (Preparation of the new hire binder, OJT Form requirements from the DoS Manager, badging appointment, building tour, introductions to division staff, coordinates with division Secretary for cubical set up, training schedule from the DoS Manager and identification of required systems access)
  • Assists APM with travel and training document preparation
  • Assists APM with interviewing and candidate selection
  • Assists to ensure contractors are compliant with established Haynes Contract and DoS policies and procedures
  • Assists APM in reviewing time and attendance to ensure accurate billing (monitor sign in/out logs and time and attendance database for discrepancies)
  • Assists APM in monitoring contractor scheduling and leave requests in the office to ensure appropriate staffing/coverage. During T&A weeks and Holidays the Contractor Team Lead will work closely with DoS Management to ensure appropriate coverage
  • Required to meet with each contractor employee for a quarterly one-on-one to go over performance and address and issues/concerns/questions [documents meetings]
  • Assists APM with review and approval of contractor leave requests and deviations from the normal work schedule. Assists APM with managing the contractor employees work schedule and ensure appropriate coverage within the department – will notify the client of any schedule changes
  • Works with the client to review requests for overtime against workload requirements. Collects overtime forms from all contractor staff and provides to DoS Manager and GTM for approval signatures
  • Required to attend a monthly Team Lead Meeting and ad hoc meetings as necessary to address contractor related issues/concerns/recognition

Project Responsibilities:


There are two Team Leads supporting the contractors in American Pay Processing. Each Team Lead is assigned a “Pool” of contractors within American Payroll. Each Team lead is the others back-up. The divisions responsibilities are split as follows:


  1. Team Lead – Voluntary Leave Programs, Remaining Deductions, Additional Entitlements, Separations and Common
  2. Team Lead – Alliances, Benefits and Entry on Duty


  • T&A reporting (bi-monthly), pay calculation, individual leave accounts, allotments of pay, and other individual pay matters for those paid under local compensation plans at serviced-posts.
  • Responsible for accuracy of calculating and processing Time and Attendance into a various proprietary financial systems, ensuring timeliness and accuracy of information. This includes working accounts by organization or country code by processing a variety of transactions which affect pay, leave, taxes, benefits and other deductions.
  • Receive, research, analyze, and process pay actions from the PEAR List
  • Verifies the validity of personnel actions and personal service contracts/agreements prepared by serviced Embassies, rejecting those who are not properly completed or in accord with existing personnel law, regulation and advises post personnel offices of the deficiencies and corrections needed to effect the action.
  • Answers questions from employees regarding payroll matters (pay, deductions and related matters).
  • Audits, analyzes and reconciles reports or accounts, and as necessary, makes adjustments which are largely retroactive in nature. More difficult adjustments may require extensive record searches and involve correction of accounts.
  • Perform manual calculations when deemed necessary to verify year-to-date adjustments and corrections when the calculations cannot be performed through the automated payroll system, CAPPS and or other financial systems as required.
  • Research, correct and determine the cause of erroneous payments and timely clearing of domestic and overseas T&A rejects.
  • Calculating overpayments made due to system deficiencies, preparing proposed repayments schedules, communications those proposals to the employees and entering the collections in accordance with the debt collections of the Federal Government. Overpayments may occur during each bi-weekly pay cycle.
  • Prepares reports on various aspects of the payroll cycle, as requested by DoS.
  • Performs other payroll duties as assigned.



Software Systems Utilized:

CAPPS (Consolidated American Personnel & Payroll System), Report.web, Employee Express, Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, Word, Outlook), Global Foreign Affairs Compensation System (GFACS), GFS Knowledge Base (KB), GEMS (Government Employee Management System), DIS (Document Imaging System & various websites of government agencies (Employee Express, IRS, TSP. Office of Personnel Management) and other software systems required to complete the job.


Period of Performance:

  1. contractor is expected to work an 8 hour shift between the hours of 6:15 am - 6:00 pm (Core working hours are 9:00 am -3:00 pm. Work Schedule will be defined based on the work requirements of Global Compensation. Contractor has a mandatory non-compensated, 45-minute lunch Monday through Friday (between the hours of 11:00 am – 2:00 pm), excluding federal holidays observed at the government site. Performance under this task order may require work in excess of the normal forty-hour work week to include weekends as the workload requires it. Work performed in excess of 40 hours may be scheduled or unscheduled work and must be authorized by your Project Manager and DoS Management.


Security Requirements:

All personnel provided under this task order must be able to either possess or obtain a government security clearance at a “TOP SECRET” level to be issued by Department of State, Diplomatic Security.


Formal Training Requirements:

  • GFS10 - Reading and Understanding Fiscal Data
Haynes, INC. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  We do not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, marital status, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, or other protected status in any of the terms or conditions of employment
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