Technical Analyst
Title:Technical Analyst

Task Title: Oversight & Management Analysis, CGFS/OMA

Vacant Position: Technical Analyst

DoS Manager: Paul McVicker, Director of Financial Coordination and Reports, CGFS/OMA/FCR

Task Purpose: The Bureau of the Comptroller and Global Financial Services Charleston (CGFS), Department of State (DoS), requires the contractor to provide technical writing services and conduct administrative reviews and waivers in the Office of Oversight and Management Analysis.

Minimum/General Requirements:
Must have a four-year degree from an accredited university or college in accounting or a related field such as computer science or business administration plus three years of Technical Writing Experience. Advanced writing, researching, editing skills, financial analysis, as well as, advanced MS Excel, MS Outlook and MS Publisher skills are required.

Functional Responsibility:
  • Keep FCR Director apprised of any possible Oversight Assurance issues, i.e., a particular Department not providing due process to a debtor for salary offset, etc.
  • Coordinates with internal departments to gather information, to include: Foreign Service National Payroll, Domestic and Overseas Payroll, Accounts Receivable, Claims and Accounting.
  • Utilize Reference materials to conduct research on legal matters, to include: Foreign Affairs Manual (FAM), Foreign Affairs Handbook (FAH), Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Office of Personal Management (OPM) and Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB).
  • Other Duties as assigned; Assist other OMA staff with Financial Statement Audit requests as needed during the audit.
  • Understand Monthly Key Metric statistics for Waiver/Administrative Reviews and review monthly with team.
  • Prepare Action Memorandums for the Comptroller and Assistant Secretary for Global Financial Services (Comptroller) to include:
    • Issue for Decision – Must review and interpret the debtor’s request, i.e., request for an administrative review, waiver, compromise, termination of collection, and or validity of debt.
    • Background – Investigate the facts surrounding the issue for decision, i.e., the amount of the debt, the cause of the debt, circumstances surround the debt, when/how debtor was notified, was due process served, and any defense the debtor may assert, etc).
    • Standard for Decision – lay out the statutory/regulatory standard to be applied and make sure it is applicable to the type of debt, i.e., salary waivers are only regulated under USC 5584.
    • Draft Decision – Prepare a space for the Comptroller’s decision and an explanatory statement. Responsibilities include stating the facts only, and not making any type of recommendation for decision.
    • Prepare Decision Letters – Compose correspondences for signature by the Comptroller to notify Department employees and or debtors of the disposition of their administrative review, waiver, compromise, suspension, termination and other debt collection related requests.
    • Assist the Comptroller for Global Financial Services staff and the FCR Division with the preparation of additional correspondences, memorandum and reports as needed, to and including providing G/HR backup documentation for Foreign Service Grievance Board appeals.
    • Maintain a tracking system of all cases once received and followed through the clearance process on an annual basis. On a weekly basis, update the management team, along with the Office of the Legal Adviser on all changes.
    • Draft Congressional Responses – Research and compose written responses to Congressional inquiries received by the Comptroller with appropriate departments and follow clearance process, treating with the highest priority of case load.
    • Contact Department employees and or debtors, as necessary, to obtain additional information that may be required in order for the Department to act upon their administrative review, waiver, compromise, suspension, termination and other debt collection related requests.
    • Meet with the Team Lead of FCR for update of pending taskers and notify of any problems/unusual issues
Software Systems Utilized:

Period of Performance:
The contractor employee will work an 8 hour shift with a non-compensated 45-minute lunch (See your Project Manager for work schedule). Additional hours may be required and must be authorized by your Project Manager and DoS Management.

Security Requirements:
All personnel provided under this task order must be able to either possess or obtain a security clearance of “SECRET”, to be issued by Department of State, Diplomatic Security.

Formal Training Requirements:
Training for debt collection, retirement, compensation, and travel will be provided as it becomes feasible and available to attend.
PK195 – Travel Preparations and Regulations (Computer Based Training)
Travel Policy Course (5 days Classroom)
Basic Voucher Examination Course (5 days Classroom)
PA-333 – Foreign Service Retirement Tradecraft (7 days Classroom)

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